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Tualatin Guide

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Tualatin, Oregon, a city nestled in the Pacific Northwest, is a place of rich history and vibrant culture. The city’s name, often spelled Twality or Twallatty in its earliest versions, may have come into English secondhand via Natives from another tribe.

A Glimpse into Tualatin's History

Tualatin Oregon

The city’s history dates back to the Ice Age, with the Atfalati tribe of Kalapuya Native Americans being one of the earliest settlers. The Tualatin Plains, where the city is located, was a highly productive agricultural area with wide, open spaces and fertile land.In th e 1850s, the settlement was first called Galbreath after its founder Samuel Galbreath. In 1853, Galbreath built the first bridge over the Tualatin river, and the town became known as Bridgeport. In the 1880s, John Sweek platted a town around the new railroad depot and named the town Tualatin.

The Portland & Willamette Railway Company purchased a right-of-way through John Sweek’s land on the Tualatin River’s west bank opposite Bridgeport in 1886, further establishing the city’s growth and development. You can read the rest of this Tualatin guide to learn more of the salient features of this great area.

Where is Tualatin?

Unique Points of Interest

Tualatin is not just a city with a rich history; it’s also a place of unique points of interest.


Education in Tualatin

Tualatin is home to several local schools under the Tigard-Tualatin School District.


Hiking Trails in Tualatin

For those who love to explore the outdoors, Tualatin offers several hiking trails:

  • Tualatin River Trail: An accessible 12-foot wide multi-use pedestrian and bike path meandering through trees, alongside the river, and past wetlands.
  • River Loop: A popular trail offering scenic views of the Tualatin River.
  • Cooks Butte Loop: A trail that takes you through a beautiful natural area with panoramic views.
  • Tualatin River Refuge River Trail: A trail that offers a chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Wildwood Trail Loop: A challenging trail that takes you through a diverse landscape.

Shopping in Tualatin

 Tualatin offers a variety of shopping experiences, from large
shopping centers to unique local boutiques. Here are some of the top
shopping destinations in Tualatin:
  • Bridgeport Village: An outdoor lifestyle center offering an array of exclusive stores, boutiques, and restaurants. It also houses the largest IMAX theater in Oregon.
  • Nyberg Woods: A neighborhood center at I-5 and Nyberg Rd, featuring shopping and restaurants for the whole family.
  • Washington Square: Just minutes from Portland, this shopping center is the Pacific Northwest’s premier shopping destination with more than 170 shops and five anchor stores.
  • Curiosities Vintage Mall: A unique shopping experience for those who love vintage items.
  • TJ Maxx: A large department store offering a wide range of products from clothing to home goods.

 Parks and Recreation

Parks and recreation are a big part of Tualatin’s charm.


Restaurants in Tualatin

When it comes to dining, Tualatin offers a variety of notable restaurants, taverns, and wineries.

Golf courses in Tualatin

Golf enthusiasts will find Tualatin a great destination with several golf courses offering a variety of experiences:



Real Estate in Tualatin

The real estate market in Tualatin, Oregon, is quite active and has seen steady growth over the years. As of recent data:

The Tualatin real estate market offers a variety of options for potential homebuyers, from single-family homes to condos and townhouses. The city’s excellent amenities, including shopping centers, parks, and schools, make it an attractive place to live.

Whether you’re looking to buy a home or invest in real estate, Tualatin offers a robust market with potential for growth. Working with a local real estate agent who can provide expert guidance on the Tualatin real estate market is recommended.

All the Tualatin market details can be found in the report below as well as the current homes for sale:

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