Tigard’s Annual Festival of Balloons

Tigard Balloon Festival

A Unique Celebration that Soars High Above the Rest

The Tigard Festival of Balloons! An enchanting annual affair, this balloon fiesta embodies the vibrant spirit of the Tigard community and welcomes summer in the most delightful way. The spectacular site of Tigard balloons adorning the summer sky is a sight to behold!

Every year, from the heart of Cook Park, dozens of vibrantly colored hot air balloons ascend into the early morning sky, their dazzling hues painting a breathtaking picture against the tranquil dawn. The festival, scheduled for June 23-25, 2023, promises an awe-inspiring spectacle that leaves both young and old in wonder.

But, what sets the Tigard Festival of Balloons apart is not just the radiant armada of balloons adorning the sky. It’s the contagious feeling of community spirit that permeates the festival, the shared joy and camaraderie that engulfs both participants and spectators, transforming the event into more than just a visual feast.

A cherished summer tradition, the festival is about celebrating the diverse and energetic Tigard community. It’s the little ones’ squeals of delight as they witness their first balloon launch, the hushed anticipation as the balloons inflate, and the gasps of amazement as they rise and drift into the azure sky. And beneath the spectacle of balloons, the park comes alive with a wealth of activities, offering fun for the whole family.
As the balloons float above, the festivities continue on the ground. From the vibrant craft stalls showcasing local artisanal talent to food vendors serving up delectable local delicacies, there’s an irresistible appeal for everyone. Live music serenades visitors throughout the day, while many games and activities keep the young, and the young at heart, entertained. 
Not to forget, the festival also serves as a valuable fundraising opportunity for local non-profit organizations, reinforcing the sense of community and shared purpose. It’s a reflection of the heart of Tigard, a community that cares for and supports its own.
Among the numerous pilots who commandeer the balloons are Cheryl Isaacs, a proud Tigard resident, and a seasoned pilot who has been flying for over 22 years. Each pilot’s passion and dedication are palpable, adding a thrilling sense of adventure to the calm tranquility of the balloon-filled skies. 
As the sun sets, the balloons glow brilliantly against the twilight in a magical display of lights. This “Night Glow” is the festival’s signature event, mesmerizing crowds as the day ends, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the next day’s ballooning adventures. 
So, this summer, come and be part of the vibrant, joyous, and beautifully uplifting Tigard Festival of Balloons. Enjoy the colorful spectacle of balloons in flight, soak in the exuberance of the local community, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 
As Tigard’s sky fills with the vivid colors of these soaring emblems, you can’t help but be reminded of what community, celebration, and sheer, unadulterated fun. To learn more about living in and around Tigard follow this link.

Where is Cook Park?

More details of the daily activities can be found here at this link:

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