Whether you are a homeowner thinking of getting your home ready to sell this year or you are a homeowner wanting to make your current home just right, I have a list of the most popular home improvement trends for 2024.

Multi-generational Living

Whether your aging parents are moving in with you or your adult children have returned  home, multi-generational living is becoming a top priority for some homeowners.  Multi-generational options might include adding  a separate entrance, separate living spaces, or adding a primary suite (bedroom and bathroom).  The biggest goal with a multi-generational renovation is to create spaces that allow for some privacy for each household member.

Age Friendly Bathroom Remodels

As the population ages, the need for more age friendly housing increases.  The trend for aging in place means a need to updating bathrooms with age friendly features such as walk in showers/tubs or the addition of a full bathroom on the main floor.

Increased Weather Proofing

With weather conditions becoming more extreme each year, homeowners are now looking for ways to protect one of the biggest investments.  Forbes magazine predicts a trend in renovations that will protect homes from such extreme weather as hurricanes, excessive heat, wildfires, floods, and more.

Some of these types of home improvements can look the addition of storm windows,  solar power systems, and whole house generators.

Wall Paneling & Wood Finishes

As for purely aesthetic improvements, nothing seems to be more popular than the return of wall paneling and warm wood finishes.  Many designers have begun incorporating a modern wood paneled accent wall in homes. 

And while once considered dated, natural or dark wood cabinets are now looked at as “old world luxe” and have become increasingly popular in home renovations.


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